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UTA Fares are Free on All Services During February

In an effort led by Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and supported by numerous local governments, partner agencies, and businesses throughout the Wasatch Front, UTA fares will be free during the month of February!

This includes bus, TRAX, FrontRunner, S-Line Streetcar, Ski Bus, paratransit service, the Park City-SLC Connect, and UTA On Demand.

Working Together for Clean Air

Traditionally, February is a very challenging month for air quality along the Wasatch Front. We see the haze in the air. We hope for storms to clear the skies. Public transit is part of the solution to reduce vehicle emissions and improve our air quality.

This February is also a time for celebration. Twenty years ago, Salt Lake City came alive with the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Our public transit system was a critical component in hosting the Olympics, carrying more than 4 million spectators during the 17 days of the Games.

Free Fare February is a great way to combine efforts to improve our air quality and celebrate our Olympic success with transit. All the sponsors are very excited about this initiative and the opportunity to increase awareness in the community about the impact we can have on our air quality by changing our transportation habits.

Get on board! Try a new mode! Explore a new route!

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