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No Fireworks in Emigration Canyon

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

SLC Chief are urging you to skip fireworks this year

Chiefs release video explaining the extreme risk of fireworks-related fires

Salt Lake County, UT—The Salt Lake Valley Fire Chiefs joined together to release a video urging citizens to skip personal fireworks over the upcoming holiday celebrations, citing risks from extreme drought conditions.

The Chiefs are encouraging residents to celebrate by attending one of the many professional fireworks shows that being held locally.

“With the current extreme drought conditions, we have real concerns that our fire personnel will be inundated with fireworks-related incidences,” said Terry Addison, Chair of the Salt Lake Valley Fire Alliance and South Salt Lake Fire Chief. “Even in areas where fireworks are allowed, there are extreme risks of fires.

Emergency situations created by the use of personal fireworks are avoidable if residents choose to celebrate the holidays in other ways. The Salt Valley Chiefs are asking citizens to skip personal fireworks this year and allow local fire departments to focus on other emergency situations.

The video also encourages citizens to use the non-emergency dispatch numbers to report illegal fireworks. Please call 801-799-3000 for Sandy and Salt Lake City and 801-840-4000 for the rest of the valley. 911 should only be called to report fires or injuries.


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