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Project Background

The Killyons Lane paving project consisted of two pieces:

1. Rehabilitating the portion of the road that was already paved by removing and replacing the top layer of asphalt.

2. Paving the upper section that used to be a dirt road (see map below).

Project Schedule

  • On September 21, crews will begin to clean up the shoulders of the new road.

  • The week of September 27, crews will be raising utilities back up to the surface of the road. 

Resident notice: Crews will begin pouring the tie-ins to concrete driveways on Wednesday, September 22. If you have a concrete driveway, you will lose access to your driveway for approximately 5 to 6 days while the concrete cures. Please remove any vehicles you need to use during this time by Tuesday night, September 21. You should have full use of your driveway by September 29.

This work should complete the Killyons Canyon Overlay project. Be advised that next spring we will begin rehabilitating the Pinecrest Canyon Road.


We would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during construction, and invite you to send any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding this project to our team at 877-495-4240 or via email to

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